What does NASA, GHD & VaHairDo have in common!!,

What does NASA, GHD & VaHairDo have in common!!,

Ok ladies and gentlemen if you thought Benjamin Franklin was a GOD for discovering electricity, then you are going to be WOWED by GHD for inventing The New and improved styler The GHD Eclipse!!!!!  Although we need Electricity to run this baby (we’ll thank him for that) once you plug this beauty in, be amazed by its new innovative and patented tri-zone technology – developed by the GHD scientists (cough cough word on the grape-vine they used materials from NASA!!!!) so you know you won’t be able to get this from anyone else!!

And what does NASA, GHD and VaHairDo have in common??Well we are now proud stockiest!!!

“One small step for man, and one giant leap for VaHairDo!!!”

With Love The VaHairDo Team x


check out this link to see for yourself what an amazing Styler it is!!!



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