Goldwell Toning Foam – Soft Colour


A gorgeous soft toning foam that brightens, enhances, tones, conditions, adds shine and gloss to the hair.

A quick and directly absorbing color foam for you to use at home.

Fascinating color results from 5 minutes processing time.

Simply apply to shampooed, towel dried, damp hair. Leave for 5-15minutes depending on result you are after, the longer you leave-in the more intense the colour will be.

Rinse then condition hair as normal. Pair with our qaba conditioner or hair masque products to compliment, treat the hair & lock in colour.

‘If the hair is really dry or porous do a conditioning treatment the day before to fill the “pot holes” in your hair’s cuticle then apply toner either that day or the day after following the above instructions for a better result.

Can have a translucent coverage on greys & last around 4-6 washes depending on each individuals hair, texture & condition.

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