Dare To Be Different

Dare To Be Different



The micro mist is a must for anyone that wants a moisturised hair,scalp & skin
Disperses micro particles that are super fine which are effectively absorbed
Delivers moisture deep into the dermis of the skin for immediate relief to dehydrated hair, scalp and skin
The micro mist will hydrate the hair, scalp & skin by up to 83%
The micro particles are spread evenly for more effective moisture
Skin pores are about 40-70 micrometers, the qaba micro mist dispersers a particle of 15 micro meters which will be absorbed into the hair, scalp and skin easier.
The qaba micro mist is a must for anyone with frizzy or brittle hair
Perfect for air travel as it will keep your skin hydrated
The qaba aqua water is drinking water for your hair, scalp & skin
The qaba aqua water can help encourage cell regeneration & help promote a natural balance to the hair, scalp & skin
The qaba micro mist is a must for anyone with dermatitis

Batteries are included

Move in circles around the hair, scalp, face or a particular area 5-6 inches away.
The qaba micro mist has a 60 seconds automatic shutter, just restart to use again.

Anytime of the day
Great to use pre shampoo
Pre shaving for men
To use in air conditioned environments
Pre hair colour
During hair colour
Add your facial toner *quality toners only
Pre make up application
After make up application
After being in the sun
In extreme dry heat

Dare to be different with the qaba micro mist…

Exclusive to VaHairDo qaba Concept Salon!

RRP: $110

qaba aqua water will be available soon…

What can be used to refill in the meantime?
ONLY bottle water with 1 drop of qaba hair & scalp oil…


Enjoy the qaba Mist Experience…………..

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